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Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

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65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing

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How Do You Estimate Market Size for Niche B2B Manufacturing Segments?

Evaluating new opportunities, speeding up the analysis and increasing the velocity of new product introductions.

marketing for manufacturers

How to map your selling process to the way your B2B customers buy

How an industrial manufacturing company transformed their marketing strategy to meet evolving B2B buying behavior.

marketing for manufacturers

How to overcome perception that your solution will displace your target persona

Creating a sense of partnership and building a bond of trust.

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How Manufacturers Win Opportunities Without Being on Approved Vendor Lists

Strategies to secure contracts even if you are not on an Approved Vendor List

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Google Bard’s Impact on SEO for Manufacturers

Here’s what you must consider when factoring Bard into your SEO program as a manufacturer.

marketing for manufacturers

10 Reasons Inbound Marketing Is Superior for Manufacturers

Why inbound should be prioritized.

marketing for manufacturers

53 Ways to Leverage Your Trade Publication Article: A Checklist

From taking advantage of social media and email marketing channels, creative tactics take your accomplishments further.

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How to Drive Growth with Existing Customers

Proven ways you can increase revenue by meaningfully adding your existing customers into your marketing mix

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How to Create Effective B2B Sales Playbooks – Insights for Manufacturers

Use a step-by-step guide to increase confidence and give your salespeople the best chance of winning

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How Manufacturing SaaS Companies Accelerate Sales Cycles in the Traditionally Long B2B Buying Process.

Gain competitive advantage and efficiently turn leads into customers

marketing for manufacturers

AISTECH 2023 Presentation:
5 Key Steps to Driving Safety Program Adoption Through Internal Communications – What Every Steel Manufacturer Must Consider.

Get a copy of this year’s presentation.

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How to Conduct a Content Competitive Analysis: Best Practices for Manufacturers

Creating a comprehensive and systematic study of a competitor’s marketing content.

marketing for manufacturers

Voice of the Customer: 7 Reasons Marketing Strategy Fails Without VoC

See things from your customers’ perspective with Voice of the Customer Research

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Why Smart Manufacturers Are Aligning Marketing Programs with Compelling Events

How to create an effective B2B marketing strategy that capitalizes on compelling events

marketing for manufacturers

Best Practices for Incorporating Webinars into a Manufacturing Product Launch

Pre-Event, Day-of-Event and Post-Event Considerations for  your Product Launch Webinar

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B2B Manufacturing Marketing Executive Podcast

Special Guest: Beth Coleman, Email Marketing Manager, Big Ass Fans

marketing for manufacturers

Need to Earn Credibility but Case Studies are not an option? Don’t miss RH Blake’s Presentation at FabTech 2022.

Get a copy of this year’s presentation.

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How to build thought leadership with storytelling: best practices for manufacturers

Ask the right questions to build thought leadership content

20 customer insights

5 Proven Marketing Approaches for Manufacturers to Grow Distributor Business

How to Help Your Distributors Win More Business

20 customer insights

Messaging for New Manufacturing Product B2B Launch

How to Ensure New-Product Messaging Effectiveness

20 customer insights

How to prioritize and allocate resources when marketing to numerous verticals

Four Steps Every Manufacturing and Industrial Marketer Should Consider

20 customer insights

New Product Introduction Checklist B2B Manufacturing

5 Steps to Mitigate Risk of Product Launch Failure.

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AISTECH 2022 Presentation:
5 Key Steps to Driving Safety Program Adoption Through Internal Communications — What Every Steel Manufacturer Must Consider.

RH Blake will be presenting at the 2022 AISTECH Conference for the fourth consecutive year. Get a copy of this year’s presentation.

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FABTECH 2021 Presentation:
5 Steps to Ensuring Your Next B2B Manufacturing Product Launch is Successful.

RH Blake recently presented at the 2021 FABTECH Conference. Get a copy of this year’s presentation.

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Sales Enablement Content for Manufacturers: A Framework for Creating Brochures That Engage Customers, Drive Sales

Brochures can be an effective part of a manufacturing marketer’s sales enablement content toolkit – if done right.

20 customer insights

How to Develop Manufacturing Marketing Programs That Engage Strategic Partners

Treating a strategic partner as a marketing afterthought is a trap that manufacturers can fall into – but it can be avoided.

20 customer insights

How to Plan for B2B Manufacturing Product Launch Success

Proven best practices that help connect your marketing efforts to the sales channel, and tell the product story.

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How to Create the Perfect Structure for Your B2B Launch Presentation – 6 Proven Tips for Manufacturing Marketers

Creating the right presentation flow is critical to marketing launch positioning and success.

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How to Reposition Your Manufacturing Brand for Growth

An eight-step process to meticulously guide businesses through the repositioning of a manufacturing brand.

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How Manufacturers Can Earn Credibility and Trust with Use Cases

Use cases are critical for  product launches or when entering a new vertical.

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MQL vs. SQL for Manufacturers

To avoid missed opportunities, manufacturers must ensure everyone is aligned on lead qualification terminology.

marketing for manufacturers

Product Development: Key Steps to Take and Avoid

Too often, manufacturers overlook the required marketing and demand-generation functions vital for a successful launch

marketing for manufacturers

Intent-Based Marketing for Manufacturers: How to Win in Niche Industries

The art of collecting and leveraging information to predict purchasing behavior

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Manufacturing Marketing Website Best Practices: How to Engage Engineers

3 key steps manufacturing marketers should consider to ensure maximum engagement opportunities with engineers.

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Industrial Marketing Best Practices: Marketing to multiple marketing personas in one organization

How to effectively educate and position your offering to multiple stakeholders with different roles and responsibilities within a targeted organization.

marketing trends

5 Key Manufacturing Marketing Trends for B2B Marketers

leverage video screengrab

How to more effectively leverage video in B2B email marketing and communications

20 customer insights

Industrial Talk Podcast

This Industrial Talk podcast discusses the 3 Components of a winning marketing plan:

  1. Strategy
  2. Content and
  3. Digital
20 customer insights

A Proven Framework for Effectively Marketing to Engineers Along the Buyer’s Journey.

As presented at the 2019 FabTech Conference.

fuel your growth strategy

Don’t Take Status Quo for an Answer

60% of complex sales end in no-decision; Learn how Content Marketing can help.

insights to fuel your growth strategy

Podcasts Provide Unique Lead Generation Opportunity for Industrial and Manufacturing Firms

6 Primary Benefits of Targeted Podcasting for Industrial and Manufacturing Marketing

marketing for manufacturers

Launching a B2B Industrial Product? Consider These Five Best Practices

Launching a B2B industrial product can be tough, especially when your audience is engineers.

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Digital Marketing for Manufacturers: 5 Insights You Can’t Ignore

Five digital marketing insights every industrial marketer should be aware of to stay competitive

marketing for manufacturers

How manufacturers can generate new and better sales opportunities with consulting

3 Steps to Help You Strategize an Industrial Consulting Offer

Accelerate Marketing

Looking to Displace a Supplier?

Marketing to New Engineers Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Proven Strategies

Accelerate Industrial Prospects through the Sales Cycle

How to Maximize the “stickiness” of your site

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers: Attracting Your Niche Customer

Industrial customers are taking control of their marketing exposure

Inbound Marketing

Marketing for Manufacturers – 20 Customer Insights to Fuel Your Growth Strategy

Strategic components of marketing programs that are critical to success.