Thinking “Inside” the Box:
Develop A Powerful B2B Dimensional Mailing

Is your B2B lead generation program looking for a proven approach? One that cuts through the clutter and meaningfully grabs your customer’s attention? Perhaps it’s time to think “inside” the box and unleash the power of a creative dimensional mailing. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), dimensional mailing response rates (8.5 percent!) are higher than flat letter or postcard mailings. Additionally, the DMA’s 2015 report shows that the response rate of direct mail is outperforming all digital channels. Simply put, direct mail is still very effective, and, if it is a dimensional mailing, people are even more inclined to take the next important step—respond. Now that’s power!

Dimensional mailings are a recognized tool for generating response rates among qualified recipients yet their use is sometimes limited due to initial cost. Obviously, the design, coordination, development and mailing of a dimensional package will have a higher price tag than a conventional mailing. However, the higher response rates can yield a significantly better return on investment and, consequently, justify the additional investment to produce and mail a dimensional piece. (Especially if you’re looking to target C-level executives.)

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    Why are B2B dimensional mailings so successful?

    A dimensional mailer demands to be opened because it stands out in a crowd of clutter, invokes curiosity and creates excitement. If you think about it, are you more inclined to open an uninspiring flat envelope that could possibly contain an invoice or open a box, tube or oversized envelope that may contain something interesting or rewarding?

    A great direct and dimensional mailing will also incorporate an idea with staying power. The mailer’s contents should be functional, branded with your company logo and easy to understand. A consistent message with long-lasting appeal can further enhance your response rate.

    The biggest challenge in producing a dimensional mailer may be identifying what would be worthwhile and exciting for the prospect to receive—to make them say “wow!” and help move them through the sales cycle. Because you have a captive audience, the B2B message needs to be appealing and clever enough to evoke a strong reaction. It also needs to be direct and contain a strong call to action with multiple response channels (contact phone number, email address, website, QR code). Finally, if you are including some type of a giveaway or sample, be certain it relates well to the theme and message, is unique and can be displayed or interacted with by the prospect or their business colleagues.

    Dimensional Mail: Follow-up is Key

    The last key step to a successful dimensional mailing campaign is follow-up. Simply sending out your mailing and waiting for a great response is a recipe for failure. Plan to contact everyone on your campaign mailing list within a few days after the package is sent. In some cases, you may wish to make a phone call to verify that the package was received. The recipient may feel more obligated to talk with you after receiving their “gift” in the mail. Creating a campaign-themed website landing page for prospects to visit is another follow-up possibility. The landing page address should be printed in the initial mailer (QR codes can be very effective for mailing campaigns) and provided as a hot link in follow-up emails. As exciting and effective as a dimensional mailing can be, a multifaceted follow-up effort is an essential component to keeping your B2B business top-of-mind.

    Dimensional mailing continues to be a highly impactful way to promote B2B offerings. Although they may take more planning, coordination and investment to produce than “flat” mailers, carefully orchestrated dimensional mailers can deliver very high response rates and multiple follow-up opportunities. So, the next time you need to promote your next big thing, push the envelope aside and think “inside” the box.

    Contact us to receive a free 30 minute strategy session about your dimensional mailing needs!

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