Successful Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

RH Blake brings premier digital marketing to manufacturers and provides a full portfolio of services that encompasses every facet of this evolving sector.

Why Choose RH Blake as your Digital Marketing Agency for Your Manufacturing Firm

RH Blake has developed proven processes to help manufacturers grow faster and smarter. We leverage proven industry and digital marketing experience to ensure you receive impactful insight and impressive marketing ROI results. For more than 30 years, manufacturers have relied on RH Blake for lead generation, brand enhancement and business growth.

RH Blake’s comprehensive digital marketing for manufacturers includes the following high-impact components:

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A Must Have Digital Marketing Guide for Manufacturers

    • Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting for Manufacturers

      We apply effective digital marketing solutions to align your campaigns with the most impactful strategies for the manufacturing industry. Our proven RH Blake Growth Roadmap™ is the ideal tool to analyze key aspects of your business and create an actionable plan for success.

    • Leveraging Digital Marketing for Channel/Distribution Awareness

      At RH Blake, we understand the importance of keeping pace with today’s customers. You must engage an audience that moves across channels to get what they want, when they want it. Our digital marketing programs expand margins and enhance loyalty. We deliver videos, sales support and digital campaigns with impact, to expand your brand.

    • Direct Marketing for Manufacturers

      RH Blake offers extensive experience at identifying target markets for manufacturers. We appreciate the value of market segmentation, and we develop targeted digital campaigns to meet your specific objectives. We locate resources, develop prospect lists and create targeted e-mail solutions to enhance your direct marketing initiatives.

    • Digital Advertising for Manufacturers

      Our digital programs use the appropriate vehicles to reach your markets. We deliver effective advertising that drives opportunities, accelerates your sales cycle and builds your brand. RH Blake helps ensure your prospects take notice.

    • Leveraging Digital Marketing for Public Relations & Communications

      Manufacturers must navigate complex industrial issues. Applying extensive industry expertise, RH Blake steers your communications to tell your story in an engaging and value-driven way. From product publicity, to social media, to articles and newsletters, we deliver digital marketing solutions that increase awareness and expand your business.

    • Sales Support Materials & Creative Design for Manufacturers

      Our solutions are created with your desired results and timeframe in sharp focus. Whether you need logo development, training tools or sales literature, RH Blake’s approach gets you the practical solutions you need for effective digital marketing.

    • Manufacturing-focused Trade Shows & Events

      RH Blake’s expertise in trade shows and events allows you to get the most out of these opportunities. Our unique industry insights produce booth displays, handouts and videos that enhance your presence and leverage each event to its fullest.

    • Website Development & Online | Mobile Marketing

      RH Blake specializes in building scalable websites that leverage our deep manufacturing industry knowledge. We use proven SEO processes, mobile app development and social media programs to extend your digital marketing reach. Our successful online campaigns engage prospects and accelerate your sales.

    Proven Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

    RH Blake has been a leader in digital marketing for manufacturers for many years. RH Blake combines extensive knowledge of manufacturing and the unique needs of this region to deliver effective digital campaigns. We offer powerful marketing partnerships to manufacturers, providing expertise that enhances your brand and drives business growth.

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