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Written by Dan Konstantinovsky
Strategic Marketing, RH Blake

Are your marketing initiatives built on effective strategies and current market trends? Too many industrial companies are churning out marketing initiatives with weak foundations. The results are wasted resources and pitiful ROI.

How do we know this? The Content Marketing Institute reports 85% of industrial marketers use content marketing, but only 33% report their organization is clear on what a successful marketing program looks like. This alarming discrepancy indicates many marketing departments are struggling with a lack of direction.

These misguided efforts are understandable when we look at the current challenges of industrial marketing.

Industrial Marketing Solutions Solved by RH Blake

The first and foremost challenge is the frequent flux of marketing. Buyers have changed, and they continue to change. The number of potential customer touchpoints continues to grow. Marketers must keep up with myriad technologies and trends. They must understand and prioritize more marketing options than ever before.

Part of this challenge is to generate, not just more leads, but more of the right kind of leads. Long subscriber lists and heavy web traffic seem great. However, if they never generate business, they are not producing the desired results. A shift in focus is clearly needed to convert these leads.

A key strategy in these conversions is effective content marketing. This poses a second challenge to marketers: How to influence prospects and channel partners with better content marketing. This is no easy task, considering less than half of industrial marketers (46%) report delivering content consistently and more than half (51%) admit a lack of strategy has contributed to stagnant success over the last year.

Companies face the additional challenge of improving their market share. They want to expand, but it is difficult to maintain marketing strategies that grow with the company. The Content Marketing Institute reports only 33% of industrial marketers say their content marketing strategy has scalability. It’s easy for an organization to trip over out-grown shoes as it tries to leave a larger market footprint.

The final biggest challenge facing industrial marketers is how to enhance margins. To do this, they must maintain razor-sharp initiatives that cut away all the fat and carve out additional market share. They must be willing to invest in new ideas and innovations but also ensure their marketing endeavors achieve high return. It’s a difficult balance.

RH Blake Uniquely Understands Industrial Marketing Solutions

Not every marketing company grasps the intricate details of these challenges. RH Blake clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of marketing complexities. We leverage 30 years of experience as an industrial marketing solutions agency to generate effective results. We’ve successfully grown and adapted with the industry over three decades, and we continue to innovate to deliver relevant solutions. Our key service offerings include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Consulting
  • Channel/Distribution Marketing & Awareness
  • Content Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Sales Support Materials & Creative Design
  • Trade Shows & Events

An Industrial Marketing Solutions Agency to Solve Your Industrial Marketing Challenges

Fewer than half of industrial marketers have improved their marketing approach with changes in the past year. More than two-thirds admit they don’t have the time required to prevent market stagnation. Maybe it’s time to try something different.

To take on the challenges of industrial marketing, you need an industrial marketing solutions agency that is properly equipped for the task. RH Blake faces these challenges head-on and delivers impactful results. We offer:

  • Lead generation: We develop a lead generation system that drives and converts visitors into qualified leads and profitable customers.
  • Sales enablement: RH Blake identifies, prioritizes and implements the right CRM and marketing automation tools for your company.
  • Content marketing: Nearly two-thirds of industrial marketing companies point to content creation challenges as a leading factor in their stagnation. RH Blake uses enriched content marketing to improve the perceived value of your offering.
  • Structure: We design and execute a structured, well-positioned marketing program that drives ongoing results.

To begin your successful partnership with the leading industrial marketing solutions agency, contact RH Blake today.

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