One Must Attend Conference for B2B Manufacturing Marketers – Q&A with Allison Grealis

Written by Dan Konstantinovsky
Strategic Marketing, RH Blake

To stay ahead of the competition, leading industrial and manufacturing marketers regularly attend conferences and participate in educational opportunities to learn the latest marketing best-practices, trends and opportunities for growth. One association that offers excellent marketing educational opportunities and conferences is the Precision Metalforming Association – and thus should be on every manufacturing marketers’ radar.

We recently had an opportunity to catch-up with Allison Grealis, Vice President of Association Services, Precision Metalforming Association, President, Women in Manufacturing, and get a better understanding of where she sees industrial marketing is headed.

From your perspective, has the focus on marketing recently changed for PMA members? And if so, in what ways?

Marketing is a growing priority for PMA members.  On an in individual basis, marketing is critical for our members’ efforts to attract new customers.  And, in a broader sense, we engage in marketing collectively to help spread the word about the modern manufacturing sector and attract badly needed skilled workers.

Do you have a key prediction for marketing in the manufacturing space for 2018?

Recent years have brought increased modernization to the American manufacturing sector and, simultaneously, to our industry’s marketing strategies.  Manufacturers are increasingly moving their marketing efforts online.  PMA members have found marketing success by offering virtual plant tours, sharing how-to videos, and constructing supportive online communities.  While these efforts cannot replace the meaningful learning and networking opportunities available at trade shows and conferences, they can provide valuable, instant connectivity.  In 2018, I think we’ll see additional online efforts to supplement the in-person events that have long helped our industry to thrive.

Who’s one company in your industry that you admire from a marketing perspective?

I’ve been talking about GE a lot lately.  I’m impressed by their current advertising campaigns which appeal to diverse audiences and showcase the technology, innovation, and creativity that drive modern manufacturing.  Many PMA members are also on the forefront of implementing marketing strategies which emphasize the high-tech world of today’s manufacturing sector.  For example, PMA members have doubled their presence on social media platforms over the last few years.  By sharing information where and how consumers are looking for it, our members are evolving to excel in marketing and manufacturing.

For more information on the PMA and their educational events, please click here.

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Vice President Membership & Association Services
Precision Metalforming Association

Allison Grealis is PMA’s vice president of membership and association services. Since joining PMA in 2001, she has held a variety of positions that included district, committee and division management; affinity partner relations; sponsorship sales; new product and service development; and member services.

Allison earned a Bachelor’s degree in English with a certificate in Women’s Studies from Ohio University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Akron.